The purpose of our #MyBrexit campaign is to put young people at the heart of the EU negotiations. The #MyBrexit campaign does not seek to change the outcome of the referendum, but instead to move forward by setting out a plan that works for those that will live with the results the longest – the youth. We have set up the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on a Better Brexit for Young People, as a way of feeding YOUR views into Parliament and making sure that YOU have a voice. Our findings will be presented to Parliament, UK decision-makers and EU negotiators.

Whether you voted to Leave, Remain, didn’t vote, or couldn’t vote; our aim is to secure the best possible Brexit deal that works for you. 

How this works: we are developed a series of reports in partnership with the London School of Economics (LSE) which will collect the views of young people from across the UK through our outreach projects. Our outreach projects take either the form or a “Brexit Cafe” and/or a focus group which will collect the views that feed into the report. What is important to us is that we tap into areas of the UK that wouldn’t ordinarily have a say, and that we work with youth groups and organisations already operating in those areas in a bottom-up, collaborative approach. We already work with over 25 youth organisations from across the UK, and are always looking for more. On the 24th January 2017, we hosted our first APPG roundtable which had an incredible turnout and resulted in some great partnerships.

All-Party Parliamentary Group on a Better Brexit for Young People

The APPG on a Better Brexit for Young People, which MLMS serve as the secretariat for, brings together parliamentarians from all political parties, young citizens, youth organisations, academics and NGOs, to ensure the demands of young people are taken into account during the EU negotiations.

In November 2016, our APPG and the London School of Economics announced our partnership to carry out research aimed at UK and EU decision-makers. Policy papers will be produced in June & September 2017.


Brexit Café

Brexit Café, is our re-invigoration of the 17th century practice of communities coming together in coffeehouses to discuss issues. Our campaign in collaboration with partner organisations will hold Brexit Café events, where groups of 30 young people discuss their views on how they envision the future UK and EU relations. Pilot events have been received with great interest in high Leave voting areas, such as Blackburn, Dagenham and Portsmouth.


Focus Groups

Our Brexit Cafés are encouraged to double up, or be a precursor to, focus groups. These collect the views of young people and feed them into the reports we produce with LSE. To us it is of paramount importance that we have a truly regional representation and collect the views of young people that wouldn’t ordinarily engage or be listened to. That is why we are pleased that so far we have hosted 4 focus groups in Northern Ireland in partnership with the Citizenship Foundation, 6 focus groups in Scotland in collaboration with YouthLink Scotland and Scottish Youth Parliament, and 4 focus groups in Wales in partnership with the Citizenship Foundation. That’s not to mention 15 other focus groups all across the UK such as Portsmouth, Dagenham and Burnley.

Focus Group with GirlGuiding

How you can get involved

We are always looking for individuals and youth organisations to get involved and to hold Brexit Cafe/Focus group sessions in their local areas.

We can provide the resources, staff and help secure a slot in a local Starbucks.

Just get in touch!