Our appeal to you

In recent years, grants and funding available for charities has reduced in considerable size. In addition to that, our charity’s cause is not one that has historically been well funded and supported.

That is why our charity depends on the generous donations that we receive from people just like you who believe in our cause. Your donations are absolutely vital in preserving the non-partisan status of our organisation.

We need your help! Your donations will help us with basic resources that help us deliver modern political engagement for young people across the UK. With your help, we are nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.

We would be very grateful if you were able to donate any amount that you wish via a monthly standing order or a one-off payment.

Please kindly note that MLMS is a charitable organisation that does not charge young people to sign up to the organisation or to take part in our activities. We are completely dependent on funding received from Philanthropic, research related institutions and support from governmental and non-governmental organisations. The diversity of the financial support for MLMS is absolutely crucial to preserve the independence of our organisation.

We are very grateful to those who have dipped into their pockets and supported us in our journey.

Thank you in advance!

How to donate?

To make a one off donation or set-up a monthly standing order, you can find our bank account details as set out below:
A/C: 33239963 S/C: 77-91-10 A/C Name: MYLIFEMYSAY

or simply donate via our PayPal link below