Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

“MLMS was instrumental in ensuring young Londoners were involved in the recent London Mayoral Elections through the #DareToDream campaign. Interviewing all the Mayoral Candidates, including myself, gave us all an insight into what our young people expected from us as their elected representatives. MLMS’ work to date has impressed me and I look forward to engaging with some of their future programmes. It’s a pleasure to support such an energetic, thriving, and growing charity.”

The Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP, former Deputy Prime Minister of the UK 2010 – 2015 & Leader of the Liberal Democrats Party

“Far too often young people are excluded from the decision-making process but it is organisations like MLMS who do a fantastic job to develop relationships between young people and decision-makers. Get involved and support MLMS to be part of the change that you want to see.”

Alastair Campbell, Former Director of Communications & Strategy for PM Tony Blair (1997-2003)

“I have long been a supporter of MLMS, both the thinking behind it, and the people involved. Too many middle aged and older people fall into the trap of thinking young people don’t care about politics, or don’t know about politics. There are some people in all age groups of whom that can be said, but if you are looking for real and powerful political passion, you will often find it in younger people. Yet too many are disengaged because of the way our politics is done and covered. MLMS does a fantastic job at breaking down that disengagement, helping young people to see why political engagement matters, and why they should, and more importantly how they can make a difference.”

Nick De Bois, former MP for Enfield North & Chairman of Zac Goldsmith’s London Mayoral Campaign

“The decisions being made by the electorate, and by the politicians they elect often have the most significance for younger people who will have to live with the choices being made. It follows, that the more younger people we can encourage to engage in politics and have their say in the future the better. That’s why I continue to support the aims and objectives of MyLifeMySay and the work they are doing.”

June Sarpong MBE, TV presenter

“Members of MLMS are proof that the best days of this country is ahead of us. You are the next generation of entrepreneurs, inventors, campaigners and dare I say it politicians that will ensure that Britain continues to punch well above its weight in the world.”

Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP, Former Leader of the Labour party (2010-2015)

“Change can only happen when people demand it. That is the reason why this organisation is really important, is because it is the way political change happens – make sure you support MYLIFEMYSAY, be part of it and spread the word!”

Central Workings

“It is a real pleasure having MLMS based here in our Central Working in Whitechapel. This youth-led charitable organisation has the superb purpose of getting young people engaged in politics, which is something Central Working strongly supports. Mete, who heads up the campaign, is a valued community member, open to connecting with many of our other SME’s, in order to collaborate on some of the exciting projects. Kin & Co, and other Central Working members in the charity sector, have all met with MLMS, either to discuss their own political campaigns, or to help Mete support MLMS. As a workspace, Central Working is delighted to assist MLMS wherever possible, whether making useful connections, hosting workshops and events, or pushing out the charities developments to our Community.” 

Matteo Bergamini, Founder & Director, Shout Out UK

“Its always a pleasure working with MLMS, they are doing incredible work to ensure the next generation are heard in the Brexit negotiations! Its amazing what they have achieved for such a small organisation. They are truly punching above their weight.”

Qayum Mannan, London Coordinator, UpRising UK

“Working with MLMS is always a brilliant opportunity for UpRising and UpRisers; young people in our youth leadership programmes were engaged in discussions around Brexit and were given the chance to make sure their voice was heard and to feel like their opinion mattered. MLMS events are always well organised, highly sought after and well attended. Our partnership with MLMS is well valued as it means that our young people always have an opportunity to engage with and partake in a wholly excellent organisation for youth political engagement – My Life My Say. We look forward to continuing such partnerships in the coming years.”

Mark Mouna, Team manager, The Mayor’s Peer Outreach Team

“The Mayor’s Peer Outreach Team have loved every minute of their work with My Life My Say as it’s closely aligned with the work the team does here at City Hall. Giving young people a voice, especially the most vulnerable and excluded and ensuring that they use it is a top priority for all of us.”

Emily Beever, Senior Development Officer, Youth Link Scotland

“YouthLink Scotland partnered with My Life My Say to run a series of focus groups across Scotland with young people on Brexit. Working with MLMS has been a positive experience and gave us the opportunity to feed into the wider report by LSE and the APPG on A Better Brexit for Young People. The support we received from MLMS to carry out the focus groups was excellent. They provided us with the necessary resources, as well as staff support, making it easy to take part.The enthusiasm and dedication to involving young people in Brexit demonstrated by each team member have made MLMS a pleasure to work with.”

Professor Anand Menon, Director of The UK in a Changing Europe

“MLMS have been fantastic in helping us reach an audience we have struggled to engage with: younger people. We have collaborated with them on events, social media and publications. They are a professional, passionate and energetic bunch and have been a pleasure to work with. I have enjoyed working with them, and hope we can continue to do so.”