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AGM for the APPG for Reuniting Britain Post-Brexit

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Reuniting Britain Post-Brexit held the Annual General Meeting at 4 pm, 25th February 2020. We have successfully reconstituted the APPG and held an election for its members.

Stephen Kinnock MP remains the Chair and Vice-Chairs include:

- Andrew Rosindell (Conservative),

- Caroline Lucas (Green),

- Lucy Powell (Labour),

- Lord Triesman (Crossbench),

- Ben Lake (Plaid Cymru) and

- Sir Peter Bottomley (Conservative).

Now that Britain has left the European Union, the main point of discussion is focussed on reuniting the country. This is exactly why the APPG is so important today. Its purpose is to drive forward a cross-party conversation on policy solutions to help heal and bridge the divisions exposed by the EU referendum. More specifically, the APPG will focus on 3 core themes, reflecting the 3 main fractures that the EU referendum exposed: intergenerational division and unfairness in the 21st century; the difference of views between graduates and non-graduates; and inequality between young citizens in cities on the one hand and in towns and rural areas on the other.

The Daily Mirror has joined as co-secretariat to the APPG alongside My Life My Say. The former has launched the Britain Talks project which specifically focusses on joining Leavers and Remainers in finding common ground, the most prevalent of which is a clear need for joining together in order to move forward.

For more information on the APPG, please contact appg@mlms.org.uk

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