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Generation Brexit: Let Us All Be Heard!

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Far too often this generation is told we are always on our phones. We are always in contact and communication with almost every part of the world. Yet despite this miraculous vocal ability, we are essentially mute. We are ‘too young’ to fully decide our future but ‘too old’ to not be informed about it. As a result, we attempt to reach via the best way we know how: social media. From Instagram to Snapchat to Facebook to the Internet, thousands of platforms created for people from every walk of life to have somewhere to speak their thoughts.

One of these fine platforms is Generation Brexit created by the London School of Economics for young people. A forum for youth to discuss what their concerns are about Brexit. Many concerned with the fact that some of the key people who will be affected by Brexit were not allowed to vote about Brexit. Young people on the platform have voiced their concerns about what Brexit means for: the Irish and Northern Irish border; EU citizens living in the UK with no legal information; the already understaffed NHS who will be relieved of about 6% of their workforce with the forced departure of EU citizens; the lack of political education within schools leaving young people feeling uninformed and detached; what this means for future travel and study in the EU. The Generation Brexit platform is designed to ‘crowdsource’ young people’s views and beliefs for the future of the EU and UK. There are seven major topics all running in seven different languages to provide inclusivity. The qualitative information produced on the forum is then given to the LSE European Institute for their research and report about youth opinions on Brexit. As well, those from MyLifeMySay read through blogs and comments and bring these concerns into policy processes through the All Party Parliamentary Group on a Better Brexit for Young People. MyLifeMySay also gathers youth experiences and ideas through diverse and meaningful cafes that are held across the UK and Europe. The report being created will further the purpose of the last LSE and MyLifeMySay report. With Brexit negotiations coming to a close many questions have surfaced about how Brexit is being affected by young people and how young people are being affected by Brexit. This report, online platform, and in person cafes are intended to answer these important Brexit questions. There are two key parts that are being looked at. Firstly, what are youth views on Brexit? This question will also allow researchers to look at the different tensions and needs of young people both from the UK and EU. The second part is having a critical look at how Brexit is affecting young people’s identities. This will also bring into light how young people believe the future relationship between the UK and EU should be. With young people finding it more and more difficult to be heard en masse, these types of platforms are becoming more and more crucial on multiple levels. For young people to be heard and understood in Parliament To bring young people out of this limbo of being ‘too young’ for this and ‘too old’ for that To provide information and educate youth on what Brexit and other political decisions means for them and how they can have a voice To bridge gaps that are created out of prejudice and polarisation You have a voice! #LetItBeHeard

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