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MLMS announces Harjeet Sahota as Trustee

My Life My Say has today announced that Harjeet Sahota will be joining the charity on the board of Trustees.

Harjeet describes herself as a “Proud Brummie” who studied Law and Politics at the University of Manchester. She is now based in London and is experienced in political strategy, policy and communications. She has previously worked in central government as a civil servant, local government and the Mayor of London’s office. She now works for the Leader of the Opposition, Sir Keir Starmer, in Parliament.

Harjeet is also a DJ and an expert on the role of music, media and role models for young people. She successfully helped to abolish the discriminatory 696 risk assessment forms and organised the world’s first ever Women’s Night Safety Summit co-authoring the Mayor of London’s Women’s Night Safety Charter in the Violence Against Women and Girls strategy.

As My Life My Say’s Trustee, Harjeet will be working closely with MLMS’ chair, Andrew Roughan, and she will also be working closely with the rest of the Board of Trustees to amplify MLMS’ message to the nation and beyond. She will continue to support the charity and the Chief Executive to maximise the charity’s potential and ensure that the charity is amplified. Harjeet will also act as an ambassador for the charity.

Harjeet Sahota, Trustee, said: “I have heard way too many times that young people do not care about politics, with little to no interest to ask why. Top down approaches make us feel like we are the problem when we are often the solution. Having always been a huge supporter, I am delighted to be joining My Life My Say as a Trustee. Mete and the My Life My Say team do not mess about! It’s an organisation that empowers young people and equips them with the networks and knowledge to make the change they want to see.”

Mete Coban MBE, Chief Executive said: “I’m so thrilled to announce that Harjeet Sahota is joining our board of Trustees. With her experiences and her knowledge, she will be a huge asset to the organisation and I believe that she will continue to advocate for real change. Harjeet will continue to be an inspiration for young people, particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds, and I believe she will work tirelessly to remove the barriers that many young people face.”

My Life My Say is a non-partisan political charity that is renowned for creating spaces for dialogue across communities and generations through its signature Democracy Cafés and Quarantine Question Times, which have successfully engaged thousands of young people across the globe.

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