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MLMS announces NVRD Advisory Council

20 May, LONDON - Following the successful relaunch of National Voter Registration Day 2021, My Life My Say and Shout Out UK have today announced that they will be establishing an Advisory Council to carry out integral work surrounding future National Voter Registration Day (NVRD) events.

NVRD was re-established by My Life My Say and Shout Out UK to get eligible voters, particularly those from underrepresented and marginalised backgrounds, to register to vote and participate in elections. Both charities believe that democracy is an essential part of Britain and that young people deserve to have their voices heard in the decision-making process. Their ambition is to establish a more systematic long-term approach in the run-up to future local and general elections to ensure that every single eligible person registers to exercise their democratic right to vote.

The first annual NVRD by My Life My Say and Shout Out UK was rendered a massive success. The day, which commenced on April 19, received cross-party support and over 88,225 people registered to vote. Through Instagram Live events with the Mayor of London, Billie JD Porter, TY Logan and many more celebrities and influencers, My Life My Say reached over 565,000 people on social media with many keen to engage.

The Advisory Council aims:

  • To re-establish NVRD to become an annual event.

  • To increase voter registration amongst the youth in time for elections.

  • To revive community spirit and cohesion through local democratic participation.

  • To improve understanding among decision-makers of the barriers preventing young people from participating in democracy and the issues that young people care about.

Mete Coban, CEO of My Life My Say, said: “I’m thrilled to be announcing today that My Life My Say will be establishing an Advisory Council for National Voter Registration Day with the aim of getting every single eligible person registered and voting in the UK. I look forward to working further with the members of the Advisory Council to take on this monumental task that will have a lasting impact on British democracy.”

James Endersby, CEO of Opinium & MLMS Trustee, said: “Democracy is an important cornerstone of Britain. I’m delighted to be a part of the Advisory Council to take on an integral role within the planning behind NVRD. Registering to vote and voting is important, especially for young people from underrepresented backgrounds. I believe that NVRD will be a massive success and I look forward to working with the team.”

ENDS - Notes below

The members of the Advisory Council are as follows:

  • James Endersby - CEO, Opinium Research

  • Ruth Pryce - Paul Hamlyn Foundation

  • Naim Moukarzel - Chief Programme Officer at the NCS Trust

  • Julia Handelman-Smith - Head of Internationalism at the British Council

  • Ben Greenstone - CEO, Taso Advisory

  • Matt Browne - Senior Fellow at Global Progress

  • Kira Charlton - Young Leader at My Life My Say

  • Mete Coban MBE - Chief Executive, My Life My Say

  • Matteo Bergamini - CEO, Shout Out UK

  • Billie JD Porter - Multimedia Journalist and Documentary Filmmaker

  • Martin Edobor - Chair of the Fabian Society and Clinical Director North Newham Primary Care Network

About My Life My Say & Shout Out UK

My Life My Say (MLMS) is a youth-led, non-partisan charity on a mission to empower young people to participate in democracy, by creating spaces for dialogue across communities and generations, and by providing young and socially excluded citizens with the tools to lead change within society.

Shout Out UK (SOUK) is a multi-award winning education platform and creative social enterprise. Fusing education and tech with film production and animation ensures we create world-class programmes on Media & Political Literacy and high impact Democratic Engagement campaigns.

To read more about NVRD, click here.

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