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The Spotlight show - A new MLMS production

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Today, My Life My Say is delighted to announce the arrival of the charity’s new show: The Spotlight Show.

After several months of internal planning and preparation, the charity is thrilled to make the Spotlight Show public. The brand new and unique production has been created with the intentions of following the charity’s core principles: To platform and provide a voice to those from underrepresented communities to further inspire young people to engage in democracy.

The show platforms some of the most moving and inspiring stories from young people across the world and takes a deeper look into how they turned their personal experiences into youth advocacy.

The show is filmed from a raw and intimate perspective and will showcase diversity, strength, and resilience. The first four participants are detailed below:

  • Ben West - Mental health campaigner

  • Noga Levy-Rapoport - Climate justice activist

  • Mishti Ali - Journalist and activist

  • Ahmad Nawaz - Youth advocate

All participants for the Spotlight Show have a moving and inspiring story behind why they became vocal on politics and democracy. The Spotlight Show will officially go live on Friday 1st October beginning with Ben West’s interview.

Stay tuned to see more about the Spotlight Show!

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