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Voting with Hart: New young voter registration campaign with Love Island star on deadline day

  • My Life My Say (MLMS) has launched a new campaign to encourage young people to register to vote.

  • Love Island celebrity Amy Hart teams up with the youth-led organisation to help drive youth engagement ahead of National Voter Registration Day (the deadline to register to vote in time for the local elections in May).

  • MLMS shares new Opinium research, showing low trust in politicians and a preference for socialism over capitalism.

14 April 2022: My Life My Say (MLMS) has today announced the launch of a new voter registration campaign.

The organisation is calling on young people to #RegisterToVote on National Voter Registration Day, as MLMS teams up with Love Island’s Amy Hart.

Along with the celebrity endorsement, MLMS have shared fresh Opinium Youth Index polls.

The UK-based research agency’s findings showed that a majority of young people (53%) don't trust politicians.

Nearly half the respondents (47%) said they distrust the Tories, with fewer than one-in-four (23%) distrusting Labour. Over one-in-three (35%) said they didn't think their vote made a difference. The majority of respondents (58%) said the government prioritises the interests of the super-wealthy in decision-making.

Finally, nearly one-in-five (17%) 18-24 year old respondents told Opinium that they were not registered to vote.

The full data tables can be accessed here.

Readers can register to vote in just five minutes.

Amy Hart, Love Island celebrity and voting rights campaigner, said: “Voting is an absolutely crucial right that we must act on. It is easy to write off young people as not interested or apathetic. The reality is the opposite - more and more young people are understanding that if you don’t do politics; politics will do you. On National Voter Registration Day, we’re going to prove that the youth cannot be ignored.”

Mete Coban MBE, MLMS CEO, said: “We are excited to announce our collaboration with Amy Hart for National Voter Registration Day. My Life My Say has played a crucial role in voter registration surges among young people in recent years. Today’s political climate has reminded us all that we cannot take the power of voting for granted. It will be a massive opportunity for voters to take control of their future at the local level, as well as sending a strong message at the national level. Our research in partnership with Opinium showed us that young people don’t feel represented in British politics. In registering to vote, young people are telling politicians that it isn’t fine to exclude them from decision-making.


Notes to Editors:

MLMS is a youth-led organisation founded in 2013. Its aim is to increase access to democracy for young people, combating the narrative that the youth are apathetic about politics.

Through initiatives like the annual Common Futures Forum and the Democracy Café, MLMS has grown into a force of engagement and participation.

During the 2016 EU referendum and recent elections, MLMS has helped drive record levels of youth participation in British democracy.


Mark Montegriffo, Communications Officer -

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