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Young people feel ignored by UK government and politicians, according to latest Youth Index poll

My Life My Say and Opinium Research Launch Youth Index Poll Revealing Young People’s Trust in Government and Democracy.

London, 10th May – My Life My Say in partnership with Opinium Research, a leading research firm, released the results of the Youth Index Poll, a comprehensive study of young people's views on government, democracy, and society. The findings of the poll are eye-opening, revealing young people's distrust in the government and politicians and their skepticism about the ability of the voting process to bring change.

According to the poll, only 24% of young people trust the government, while 50% distrust it, a trend that has been deepening over the past few years. Moreover, 55% of young people distrust politicians, and only 21% trust them. The poll shows that young people trust teachers and academia/universities more than the government and politicians.

The poll also reveals that young people feel neglected by the government, with only 22% believing that their wants and needs are considered when making decisions compared to three in ten who think older people are considered. Also, 48% of young people believe that the UK government prioritises the wants and needs of business leaders when making decisions, while 43% of young people believe that the Government done a bad job in representing them.

Additionally, the poll shows that young people feel disengaged from the voting process, with only 55% believing that their vote matters in an election. On the other hand, 52% of young people believe that voting has the power to bring meaningful change, while 33% disagree.

The Youth Index Poll also asked young people to consider sets of opposing words and phrases to describe British society. The results show that 72% of young people think British society is secretive, 75% think it is greedy, and 71% think it is corrupt.

Mete Coban MBE, Chief Executive of My Life My Say, said: "The Youth Index poll results are concerning but not surprising. Young people's distrust in government and politicians is a clear indication that we need to change our politics to make it work for them. We need to involve young people in the decision-making process and give them a platform to be heard. My Life My Say will continue to work towards this goal, ensuring that young people have a say in their future."

James Endersby, Chief Executive at Opinium, said: "The Youth Index poll is an essential tool to take a temperature check of young people's views in the UK. It's crucial that we understand their thoughts, opinions, and concerns, particularly when it comes to politics and democracy. The results show that there is a clear need for change and that young people need to be more involved in decision-making processes. At Opinium, we are proud to partner with My Life My Say to deliver this important poll and contribute to a better understanding of young people's perspectives."

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