Who We Are

Our Mission

To empower young people to participate in democracy, by creating spaces for dialogue across communities and generations, and by providing young and socially excluded citizens with the tools to lead change within society.

We believe all young people irrespective of their background can embrace who they are, can define their future, and can change the world.


UK Government National Democracy Award

MLMS won the Change Maker of the Year Award in 2018, which recognises an organisation that has put a new idea forward to increase access to democracy, convinced others of the merit of their idea and affected a real change that benefits the greater good.

“MLMS have been fantastic in helping us reach an audience we have struggled to engage with: younger people. We have collaborated with them on events, social media and publications. They are a professional, passionate and energetic bunch and have been a pleasure to work with. I have enjoyed working with them, and hope we can continue to do so.”


Professor Anand Menon, UK in a Changing Europe

Our Values

  • Inclusive - committed to ensuring that ever-growing numbers of diverse young people get involved in political dialogue and discourse

  • Expert - knowledgeable about the issues that we are pursuing with and on behalf of young people

  • Connected - linked to the people, causes and movements that are pro-democracy and politically progressive​​

  • Challenging - prepared to push the boundaries of debate to ensure that young people’s voices are heard on the key issues of the day

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